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Both Jono and Shari work for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. IHOP-KC operates as a Missions Base. The heartbeat of the Missions Base is the Prayer Room, the “spiritual” work that all Staff are mandated to do is Prayer. With the belief that intercession and prayer is effective to enable the works of the Kingdom of God (Evangelism, Teaching, Mercy Missions, etc) with more effectiveness. From the Prayer Room nearly all staff go out and spend the rest of their time in various service areas. For Jono & Shari these service areas are Media, Technology and IHOPU. Both the Prayer and the Service are bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God.

As the Missions Base (like many other missions agencies) the financial model for our missionaries is primarily “Support Raising”. The Base does “pay” many missionaries a “Missionary Stipend” for their labors, but for most this does not cover all the costs that are commensurate with living. Therefore most of the missionaries support raise for either all or as a portion of their living expenses. All intercessory missionaries are committed to a lifestyle of simplicity.

Jono and Shari are no different from the many people they lead on the base. They feel called to the work of IHOP and have seen tremendous fruit through the work that is undertaken, however need to trust the Lord for their “daily bread” especially considering the medical journey that they have gone through with Josiah, who still requires special feeding therapy many hours a day.

If you have been blessed by the message that IHOP-KC is broadcasting to the nations, we are asking that you consider joining Jono and Shari’s support team. The needs are both Spiritual and Physical.

Spiritually – The body of Christ is called to pray and build each other up. We pray and we are humbly asking others in the body of Christ to pray for us. We have seen significant fruit from the work we do, we have also seen our fair share of spiritual and physical attack (read our “Preemie Journey). We covet your prayers for Jono, Shari, Josiah and Finn, for protection and for healing breakthrough.

Physically – We trust the Lord for our “daily bread” however we are also aware that oftentimes this comes through others in the Body of Christ coming along side and sowing financial means. If you feel led to support Jono and Shari financially we would love to hear from you (and pray for you) alternatively if you want to give anonymously that is fine too.

How to Give

You can give quickly through the Paypal “donate” button on the right hand side of this page. All donations this way are not tax deductible, but they will come directly to us

You can also write a check to IHOP-KC and send it to us at:

Jono & Shari Hall, 11215 Greenbrier Ln, Kansas City, MO 64137.

These gifts are tax deductible.  All monies collected this way are disbursed under the IHOP-KC missions base and while in their possession, they have sole discretion in appropriating the funds.

If you want to learn a little more about the work of IHOP-KC we’d love to talk to you, but you can find a brief synopsis in this short video Jono made recently.

You can find out more about IHOP-KC at

One Response to Become a Supporter

  1. Hi Jono,
    Love your site here, and really enjoyed watching the IHOP trailor above.
    See you around sometime soon hopefully.
    Be blessed,
    Andy & Sharron

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