About Us


Jono Hall is part of the International Team of Every Home for Christ in Colorado Springs. The Halls have recently moved to Colorado after being part of the Senior Leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for 15 years. Jono launched and led the media ministry at IHOPKC from 2003-2012 including TV and Web broadcasting the 24/7 Prayer Room, lead producer of the creative media team and Director of the Media School. Since early 2015 Jono was the Chief Operating Officer for IHOPKC and involved in most areas of the Missions Base. He also taught in the International House of Prayer University in areas of theology, history, and media. These three fields are areas which are mainly featured on this blog. Jono also runs media company Anastasis Media. Prior to joining IHOPKC Jono worked for GOD TV between 1999 and 2003, overseeing their distribution. Jono is married to Shari and they have five children.

Shari Hall originally hails from Pennsylvania & New Jersey. She has lived and worked in Kansas City since 2005. Prior to moving to IHOPKC she was a television producer for several different network (TLC, Fox etc) shows such as “Trading Spaces” and “Ambush Makeover”. She was “recruited” to work in the Media Department by Jono. They married in 2006. As well as looking after an ever expanding family. She leads the Media School at IHOPU.

Josiah Hall is a vibrant fourth grader who loves life, school and his brother and sisters. Josiah was born 3 months prematurely in 2007. After a battle for life he survived and has since battled developmental delays and some significant challenges with Josiah’s eating and digestive disorders, we are thankful Josiah has seen full healing in this area. For nearly a year Josiah was fed through an NG tube and the journey of feeding therapies has been something this blog has followed.


Finn Hall is an active first grader who loves sports, video games and his family

Anastasia Hall was born in 2012. She is a fireball. A dancer, an aspiring dog trainer – a non stop talker at home and shy as can be everywhere else

Rebecca Hall was born in 2014

Hanna Hall was born in 2017

2 Responses to About Us

  1. ekimj2004@yahoo.com says:

    Hello Jono and Shari,
    Great to see your beautiful family. Best, Mike Johnson

  2. Mike Johnson says:

    Hi Jono and Shari. Hope you two are doing well. Your kids look great. Colorado Springs is an awesome place to live.

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