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Happy Birthday Josiah

What a difference four years makes Today is Josiah’s birthday. He is four years old. Which means that it is four years since I was standing in an operation room in a Kansas City hospital welcoming a 1lb 12 oz … Continue reading

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Looking forward to Egypt’s Next Season

In light of the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the victory of the protestors in Tahrir Square, Cairo and the outburst of joy from what seems to be the whole nation of Egypt, I wanted to write something in response to … Continue reading

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New Email from Situation in Egypt

These events (though costly ) will surely transition our Nation into a new era of Freedom (expression and beliefs ) , where corruption is exposed and convicted. This generation of Young people arising , to say No to corruption and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Egypt

– Photo from CNN Watching the events that have unfolded in Egypt over the past week and then reading and listening to eyewitness accounts of what has gone on a few things strike me personally that I wanted to enumerate. … Continue reading

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Interesting Email about Western News Bias in Egypt

Dear friends, I am writing this to you as a witness to what is going on from the streets of Cairo over the last few days. We have been following the developments since January 25th, which started with a large … Continue reading

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