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Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU

Power, Intersectionality and the Gospel

A brief look at our thirst for power and why the Gospel gives us an alternate vision Continue reading

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Virtual or Streamed Community – Is it Real Church?

  We are living in unprecedented times. The whole world is in lockdown fearful of the great pandemic. It is Easter, but Church gatherings have been suspended, to be replaced in many places by online expressions. I was in a … Continue reading

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Does God Have Anything To Do With the Pandemic?

One of the most knotty questions that Christianity has to wrestle with is that of the problem of pain and suffering. Perhaps more academic and apologetic ink has been spilled in pursuit of an answer to this challenge, that theologians … Continue reading

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Do Missionaries Belong in Our Modern World?

Social and News Media has been abuzz in the last 48 hours with the news of a young American Missionary/Explorer named John Chau who was speared to death by a group of tribespeople from the Sentinel Islands – one of … Continue reading

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The most important injustice to set right?

We live in a busy world with increasing demands on our time and our resources. The phrase work-life balance is fairly new to this generation, but so many of us feel the stretch as we seek to answer the demands … Continue reading

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Exploring the Transfiguration

What was the significance of Jesus’ encounter on the Mount of Transfiguration? Jono Hall takes some time to unpack this fascinating story and its relevance for us today. Continue reading

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A Short History of Day and Night Prayer

Have you ever looked at the rising number of prayer rooms around the earth and wondered whether this was simply the latest fad or whether it could be squared with New Testament Ecclesiology. I recently spoke at an IHOPKC Encounter … Continue reading

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My Problem with Church

When James I of England agreed to a new translation of the Bible, a translation which would eventually become the 1611 Authorised Version in the UK and more commonly known in North America as the King James Version, he had … Continue reading

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Does God have One People or Two?

Is the nation of Israel still relevant today to believers in Jesus? Do those who are ethnic Jews have any place in the plans and purposes of God if they do not believe in Jesus? And what about the land … Continue reading

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Act of Killing and the Judeo-Christian Heritage we should not despise

The Act of Killing is a hard to watch, thought provoking 2012 documentary which won Best Documentary at the 2014 Bafta Awards. It follows certain Indonesian ‘death-squad’ leaders from the 1965-66 purge which saw 500,000 killed in the space of … Continue reading

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