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He Died in My Place

Adam was annoyed. He had been so busy for so long and now his head office in San Francisco was calling him to a week long round of meetings to determine why his division weren’t meeting their goals. The airline … Continue reading

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Holy Spirit Baptism

 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE ASCENSION? Much is said of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, but the ascension of Jesus is often passed over as a sad day when Jesus departed, and a reminder for us that he will … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit by David Pawson

I have just finished reading David Pawson’s “Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit”. It is an excellent resource for those who want to know more about what exactly the Baptism of holy Spirit is all about. There are few events … Continue reading

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Is the Trinity really in the First Verse of the Bible?

You will not find the word “Trinity” in the pages of scripture. Yet the belief in a “Trinitarian” God is fundamental to Christian beliefs. The Greek word for trinity was first used in history by Theophilus of Antioch in 170 … Continue reading

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Messengers: Make Your Message Clear

I was teaching our Media Messenger class about effective messaging yesterday. One of the big points that I emphasize is the need for clarity in our writing to get the message across so that the video can be effective in … Continue reading

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