Book Review: Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit by David Pawson

I have just finished reading David Pawson’s “Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit”. It is an excellent resource for those who want to know more about what exactly the Baptism of holy Spirit is all about. There are few events that all four gospels cover, one of them is the fact that Jesus is a baptiser (or dunker, plunger, submerger, as David is keen to point out Baptism is a transliteration not a translation and therefore loses some of the intended meaning) in the Holy Spirit. Jesus had to ascend back to the Father’s side so that he could baptise followers in holy Spirit. For those that have read David’s book on the Normal Christian Birth you will know that Spirit Baptism is one of the four normative experiences for those who are being born anew into the Kingdom of God (Repentance, Belief and Water Baptism being the other three). Yet this is perhaps one of the most controversial of the four experiences with much disagreement (or just avoidance) over the issue. David cuts through the fog with his typical exegetical accuracy. But not only is this biblically accurate, being aware of David’s own journey in the Holy Spirit, I can attest this is not just “dry” theology. It is living understanding. I pray that in our own day when many of the new reformed movement avoid this subject altogether and other more charismatic expressions may have experience but do not plumb the depths of this glorious truth we may once more discover the truth that Jesus does baptize in one holy Spirit.

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  1. bfaithful says:

    I’m reading this book now. Totally enjoying it. Am currently trying to help two friends receive Spirit baptism. It’s fragile ground here, as the pastor preaches automatic reception from the pulpit. But it’s always right to do what’s right, right? God help me. Pray for us!

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