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Why was Abraham Chosen? Responding to Revelation

  Why God “chose” Abraham has been a thorny theological question down through the ages that ultimately must be answered by the answer of God’s sovereignty. However in thinking afresh about this question a few things become apparent about this … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Lost History of Christianity

Penn State and Baylor Professor Philip Jenkins has tackled in The Lost History of Christianity a subject which is missing from most Church History books I have read (which is a few). I am always nervous when I see titles implying … Continue reading

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Is Webstreaming Good for the Body of Christ?

I remember the conflicting feelings I had 12 years ago as I started to work for a Christian TV station. I remember the encouragement I got from seeing others in the worldwide Body of Christ built up with solid Christian … Continue reading

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What is the New Apostolic Reformation?

The media has recently been writing about a movement in our nation called the New Apostolic Reformation or NAR for short. It was the leaders of this movement that were supposed to have organized Gov. Perry’s recent prayer rally. According … Continue reading

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NPR, IHOP, NAR and those Seven Mountains.

This afternoon NPR’s Fresh Air devoted their program to investigating a new religious movement in the USA called the New Apostolic Reformation or NAR for short. It was portrayed as a deviant form of Evangelical Christianity, it was actually called … Continue reading

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God of the New Testament: Bridegroom, King and… Judge?

Have you ever been in conversation with an unbelieving acquaintance who brings up the fact that they could never believe in a “nationalistic, genocidal God!” They then bring up a verse from the Bible such as I Samuel 15:3 which … Continue reading

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The Biggest Controversy of Our Age – God’s Nature

Although there is nothing new under the sun, it appears that now more than any other time in history, people have problems with the righteous standards of God and the wrath of God. What I mean by this is the … Continue reading

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