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Do Guns Kill or Do People Kill?

I, like every other American, was shocked and saddened by the tragic events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School recently. As well as thinking about the shattered hopes and dreams and painful loss of those in Newtown, my thoughts … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Assumptions to Share the Good News

  We are bombarded today with wall-to-wall news coverage; some news is quirky such as the latest UFO sightings or lottery win, some is interesting such as the latest technology release or science study, some is “entertaining “ such as … Continue reading

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Is Morality really a Private Thing?

When I read an online news article I often do a foolish thing – read the comments below. Especially when the news article is in some way related to God, Christianity or sexual morality. I have to admit I get … Continue reading

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My Week in Uganda…

Again I am sitting in Chicago airport on my long (30hr) journey home from Uganda considering the many and varied happenings over the past week. It has been quite an experience to say the least, perhaps one of the most … Continue reading

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He Died in My Place

Adam was annoyed. He had been so busy for so long and now his head office in San Francisco was calling him to a week long round of meetings to determine why his division weren’t meeting their goals. The airline … Continue reading

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Why was Abraham Chosen? Responding to Revelation

  Why God “chose” Abraham has been a thorny theological question down through the ages that ultimately must be answered by the answer of God’s sovereignty. However in thinking afresh about this question a few things become apparent about this … Continue reading

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Is Webstreaming Good for the Body of Christ?

I remember the conflicting feelings I had 12 years ago as I started to work for a Christian TV station. I remember the encouragement I got from seeing others in the worldwide Body of Christ built up with solid Christian … Continue reading

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Webstreaming: Our Story

This last weekend I traveled down to Houston to help webstream a stadium prayer meeting. I was thinking back to my history in webstreaming, it seems improbable to me when I have never considered myself a natural techie that I … Continue reading

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Becoming a Media Messenger

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Long time No Post

It has been awhile since we posted anything here – sorry! I could probably easily become one of those hardcore bloggers that post everyday, but I found that it was cutting into other things that I really needed to do. … Continue reading

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