Messengers: Make Your Message Clear

I was teaching our Media Messenger class about effective messaging yesterday. One of the big points that I emphasize is the need for clarity in our writing to get the message across so that the video can be effective in achieving the set goals.

We had been talking about the changing face of technology and how the internet changes the type of video that are produced. Someone mentioned the T-Mobile Ads. These are very fun ads if you haven’t seen them. I include a couple here:


The T-Mobile ads show a number of things – Firstly the shift in the industry towards “content” driven advertising that can be shared virally. However despite the success of its viral nature, I am unsure as to the success of the ads to achieve the core function they are employed for – which is “Selling Phones, Calling Plans and Data Packages”. It may have risen the brand awareness of T-Mobile as people will have undoubtedly asked friends whether they had seen the “latest T-Mobile Ad”. But I do feel the overall message of the ads are much too subtle. If there wasn’t a T-Mobile logo at the end would you know that the ad is selling phones, calling plans and data packages? – I doubt it.

Although I’m typing this on a Mac Book Pro, I’m not an “apple fanboy”, but I must say the iPhone 4 ads do show a marked difference – it has not been viewed as many times, but its clarity is unmistakeable  – it is clearly about the product itself

The overall effectiveness of each ad is seen in what it moved people to do, not in how entertaining it was. I am sure the iPhone Ad moved people to buy the iPhone (Apple called this their “most successful product launch ever”) I’m not sure about T-Mobile

And the ultimate test – Apple now has more liquidity than the US govt and the best brand equity in the world…. and T-Mobile… owned by Deutsch Telecom and trying to find another buyer after the deal with AT&T has stalled – Case Closed – Clarity Wins

But this isn’t really a subliminal push for Apple, the same principles of communication remain for whatever you are communicating, telling the vision of a non-profit, sharing a theological point, the conclusion for messengers is the same – keep your message clear.

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Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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3 Responses to Messengers: Make Your Message Clear

  1. steve MJ says:

    Good stuff Jono – The class is fantastic 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    T-mobile (Europe) put out the ads, the flash mob web-mercials have gone viral unfortunately for TM USA their marketing department and their advertising budget has matched their overseas sister. Marketing definitely plays into success of a company or even a specific product. TM is the forerunner and innovator for Android in the US. They have the largest Android handset selection a well as two of the best android handsets yet their marketing budget comared to Verizon is below nominal, hence Verizon s Droid commercials have overshadowed and out performed in the the bottom dollar.
    The flash mobs give a feel good message but in a capitalistic would don’t always bring the sale.

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