Green Card….

Do you remember the movie Green Card – probably not. It was one of those early 90s romantic comedies with Andie McDowell and Gerard Depardieu (one of the best actors to have come from France – which isn’t that hard really). Gerard was trying to get into the US and falsified a marriage to Andie Mcdowell to get his Green Card – unlike the happy endings of most Hollywood movies, their plan didn’t work and Gerard got sent back to France, but in true Hollywood fashion the two fell in love.

Enough about the movie – I’m kind of in the a similar position – not that I married Shari for a green card – but now that I have married Shari I have to go through the long process – and I mean long process of applying for a Green Card. Alot to read, alot to fill in. I just hope they don’t turn me down ! 🙂

Wes and Carol recently received their Green Cards, so I’m just weighing up whether or not I need to hire a lawyer as well – something within me says – you’ve got a legal training – do it yourself – then the lazy part says – there’s so much reading – I think the legal fees are making me more proactive!!

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