I’m Living on top of the Roof!

I’ll admit it – I’m chicken. Here’s a picture of the evidence. The answer to the question – is no, I have not got a nagging wife, so I’ve taken to living on a corner of my roof. Rather, we have a bird’s nest in our roof. There’s a piece of wood missing on the far right of the picture and the little birdies are cheeping above us. So I climbed up on the roof – but was too chicken to do the repair work with nothing to hold on to but the roof – my next task is to track down a ladder that I can use to actually do the job with relative safety. I wasn’t a big fan of Shari’s idea of tying a rope around my legs and dangling me off the edge! Posted by Picasa

About Jono Hall

Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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