Update on Josiah

Just a quick update to say thank you for all your prayers – they are working. Josiah is today in a much more stable condition than he was a few days ago.

So what has happened and what can you continue to agree with us for in prayer.

He was very swollen so they administered albumin – a protein which pulled the interstitial fluid into the cells then lasix a diuretic AND he had some massive diapers – PTL. He put on 1 1/2 Lb in edema and last night he was back down to his pre-surgery weight. This meant as a side effect he has changed from being acidotic to being alkolodic – but the blood gases that they take every 6 hours are getting much better – PTL.

He is still fighting infection on two fronts – he has chest infection which has meant he still has a very gunky chest – but his oxygen needs are decreasing and today they will change his vent from the oscillator – The vent is still doing all of his breathing for him – but we are believing he will do better soon.

He is also fighting the infection in the incision – but this too is healing – he is being weaned on the pain medication – The great news about the surgery is that last night he had his first poopy diaper – surely a cause for celebration – which means the gut is clear all the way through. They usually expect the gut to move through in 7-10 days – 5 days at best, however, Josiah despite all the stuff he is going through came through in 4 days.

So all in all things are looking a lot brighter for our precious little boy – we know he has a destiny in God and we are fighting for that destiny in prayer.

So what can you pray for

1) The two fronts of infection would clear up – He would be healed in the chest and in the tummy.

2) His breathing would get much stronger – we want to see him come off breathing support.

3) He would have angelic protection around his bed – We have seen some unusual warfare over our son and we want him hidden under the Shadow of the Almighty

Blessings and Thanks

Jono, Shari and Josiah

About Jono Hall

Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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1 Response to Update on Josiah

  1. Sunny says:

    praise the Lord! So glad to hear the improvements. I’ll contiue to pray. Our God is a good God

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