1700 Calories and Counting…

So today Shari got to experience the pleasures of feeding Josiah with a spoon – not fun. The aim was for us to come home on Saturday we’ll make a call tomorrow to see if we will actually do this or perhaps spend a few more days in Los Altos getting parent training – At the moment we are supplementing everything that he doesn’t take of the solids with a high calorie milk called “Just for Kids” – the result has been that today we are looking at a day of over 1700 calories (rather than just 900 calories on the tube). Shari fed for breakfast and for dinner and I have to say she got much better as the day progressed – the night feed was much better – I think she will pick this up great. We had to decide who was going to be the primary feeder – and I think as Shari is the primary caregiver the decision was not a hard one… (well not for me 🙂 – I am here for moral support). The feed at breakfast was hard with Josiah crying throughout – I think in the feed tonight Josiah was smiling in parts.

The funny thing is perhaps as a result of the increased calories Josiah is really active – he started crawling the week before we came to California and he is crawling “everywhere” now. Ben is confident we can teach him to walk within 10 weeks…. well we’ll see 🙂 We went to Palo Alto for lunch today as it is just down the road from the clinic and then had a small walk around the Stanford Campus – hence the picture below – it reminded me of my happy college days.

We are seeing consistent weight gain with Josiah now – who knows – if we put on another 3 ounces tomorrow we may hit 20lbs….

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Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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