IHOPU Awakening

This term at IHOPU we have been talking about allowing the Holy Spirit more room to minister in class. We have been talking about releasing the power of the faith of Jesus through the word of our testimony.

In the Media Dept I have been longing that as a dept we would walk worthily before the Lord, that we would be a group of fiery believers who love one another fiercely with the love that the Father bestowed on us. So much so that during October we went on a food and a media fast after a number of dreams and confirming words.

Well on November 4th after the Global Bridegroom Fast at the IHOPU Student Chapel the Holy Spirit began to move, then in the classes and finally on Wes’ class on November 11th the Holy Spirit descended so much that the 9am class didn’t finish until 6am the following morning. Since that time every day we have been meeting at the FSM building each evening from 6pm til midnight. Miracles have been taking place, physical healings have been taking place, emotional healings have been taking place – I am constantly amazed at how much brokenness is around us and how many really need to feel the Father Heart of God. So many of the leaders at IHOP have been receiving an increase in the anointing in the Holy Spirit and the release of the love of the Father – this is amazing.

I love this – I long to see the Body of Christ operate as the Body of Christ in this city. A body that is pure and undivided, a body where one part truly loves the other parts (no I am not talking about the Baptists in the town loving the Methodists – although that is certainly good) I am talking about those the Lord has placed in our sphere, the broken, the annoying, the downright rude – how well do we love? Do we heal one another, do we lay down our life for one another. I see all these moves of God as helping this process and long for a day when people are attracted because of the Fruit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

About Jono Hall

Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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