Interesting Email about Western News Bias in Egypt

Dear friends,

I am writing this to you as a witness to what is going on from the streets of Cairo over the last few days. We have been following the developments since January 25th, which started with a large group of Egyptian youth taking to Tahrir square in an anti-government protest with specific demands. I know some of these people who were in that group and I talked with them. What is happening now has nothing to do with this original protest! What is happening right now is a conspiracy to topple Mubarak from outside the country!! I am not a conspiracy theorist, but let me tell you what I have personnally witnessed on the streets of Cairo.

I want to share first what the LORD told me on Friday morning.

I went to the LORD in prayer on Thursday evening, praying like many others for protection and for the restoration of peace and security in my land. I told the LORD: “Father, answer my prayers with rain”, which He has several times before. I went to sleep. I woke up on Friday morning and went directly to prayer. Immediately, I sensed a strong urgency from the LORD saying: “As the people of Egypt presented their requests to Mubarak, I am calling on My people to rise up before me and present their requests to me for their nation”. I went on to hear the LORD: “Let the Holy Council assemble”. I didn’t understand who this Coucil was, but I knew in my heart that the LORD meant that there are people in my land that are called by the LORD to stand before him as His Holy Council with authority to make declaration over the land, to establish the Kingdom in the land. My demands to the LORD were not political ny nature. I prayed for “good news to the poor, freedom for the oppressed, healing for the brokenhearted, and the acceptable year of the LORD” as the Holy Spirit gave guidance. The LORD spoke to me the words “JUSTICE” and “TRUTH”. As I went to talk with Rania afterwards, she told me that she had been awake all through the night, and that IT RAINED around 12:45 am. It was very strong, but not for a very long time (a few minutes). I knew then that it was the LORD. The LORD spoke Psalm 97:1-2:

The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad;
let the distant shores rejoice.
Clouds and thick darkness surround him;
righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.

Indeed, there had been unusual clouds and very thick fog in December over Cairo, unprecedented in frequency and intensity. Again, the words TRUTH (or righteousness in the English translation) and JUSTICE resounded.

As we followed the unfolding of events including the announced change in government and president Mubarak’s speech, we wondered why the international news media is focusing only on the thousands in Tahrir square who are escalating their demands and refusing dialogue. The news media is reporting this as “the people of Egypt” wanting Mubarak to leave immediately. Did they ask the “people of Egypt?”. For one, they did not ask me! Where are those, like myself, that want change and reform, but accept the changes that Mubarak is proposing, and want a peaceful transition through elections in September?

We decided to take to the streets to voice our opinion. On Tuesday February 1st we went to Mustafa Mahmoud square in Mohandessin. There were about one thousand people there around 3:30 pm. (yes, we broke the curfew). the crowd grew to about 2500 by 5:00 pm. People were calling their friends over the phone telling them to come. We left at about 6:30 pm and returned yesterday, Wednesday, starting at 11:00 am. The small group had swelled to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE standing together with banners saying things like:

– yes to stability, yes to Mubarak

– give change a chance

– we are sorry Mr. president

– we accept dialogue, we trust you

– no to ElBaradei, no to the muslim brotherhood (many like this one)

– we are the Egyptians, where is Al-Jazeera, let them come and see

– no to corruption, no to vandalism

– we got what we asked the president for, so why are people still in Tahrir? Who are they? What do they want?

etc., etc., etc.

By 2:00 pm, the crowd had grown to SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, maybe up to a million, stretching from Sphinx square to Sudan street. We had a great sense of unity and victory. We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahrir square who decided to join us saying: we got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak’s changes and proposals”.

We left around 4:15 pm. The numbers had grown even more, POSSIBLY OVER A MILLION. As we drove home we saw the same slogans on banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, IN MAY DIFFERENT CITIES. THIS IS THE CRY OF THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT THAT IS BEING TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS MEDIA. Is this on purpose??!!! I am perplexed!!! I am wondering: How come CNN, the BBC, and others are reporting ONLY the anti-government protests as the voice of the people? This is not JUSTICE, this is not TRUTH. There have been reports that these people are being paid by the government. NOT TRUE! I was there with many many others. I SAW THE STREETS.

Now to the situation in Tahrir square. Only a few people (hundreds?) are still there from the original protesters. They have been slowly replaced by other HIGHLY ORGANIZED GROUPS. They all have the same model of cell phones. They all have the same blankets (eye witnesses). THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT. Some witnesses claim that they don’t look Egyptians, and don’t sound Egyptians (different accent, different dialect). THIS IS A BIG ORGANIZED COUP TO TRY TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THROUGH THE MEDIA THAT EGYPT WANTS MUBARAK TO GO, AND THE MEDIA IS PART OF THE DECEPTION. People in Tahrir square are escalating the situation on prupose to topple President Mubarak FOR THEIR OWN HIDDEN AGENDAS. This is TYPICAL OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERS, AND EVERYBODY IN THE STREETS OF CAIRO KNOWS THIS. We heard people on the streets saying that the plot to take over the country is now clear. THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS. The escalation of violence in Tahrir square is because of this. Egyptians who love Egypt, the millions that took to the streets yesterday, want this to end. They fully understand that president Mubarak is between a rock and a hard place, that he cannot quench the unrest in Tahrir through the army, so the people want to go to Tahrir to disperse the crowds there by themselves. People in Tahrir are vastly outnumbered. If Egyptians go the Tahrir square to take control of the situation, more chaos will erupt, giving a chance to the international media to blame the President even more.

If Egypt falls, then neighbouring countries are going to fall one after the other. WE NEED PRAYER, WE ASK FOR TRUTH, WE ASK FOR JUSTICE, and above all LORD, in wrath, REMEMBER MERCY. Stand with us. The Lord calls Egypt “My people”. He is calling on His HOLY COUNCIL in the land of Egypt to stand before Him, to make declarations in the heavenlies to establish a new ‘constitution’ in the land based on the principles of the Word of God, to establish a ‘new foundation’ for His kingdom to come. Pray for the schemes of the enemy to be annulled and voided. Pray for deception to be exposed. We humble ourselves and pray. We seek the Face of the LORD. We turn from our wicked ways. LISTEN TO US LORD, FORGIVE US, HEAL OUR LAND. In the Name of Jesus.

In Him, standing for God’s purposes in Egypt,


About Jono Hall

Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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13 Responses to Interesting Email about Western News Bias in Egypt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Below email from Cairo was sent to the body of believers in Egypt last night a call to pray:Today, Friday February 4th, is a great day. We need to come in unity before God for what's going on in our precious land, Egypt.Lots of evil plans & evil scenarios. Lots of hidden agendas. Lots of confusion.Yet, today will be the day when we'll see God's Mighty Hand clearly.We prophesy signs & wonders for today. We prophesy God's direct intervention in the events of today.Today was given many evil names in different scenarios; but Let's call it The Day of Signs & Wonders.We just want God in the scene.Like Elijah, whatever was planned by Jezebel, we're expecting His intervention with fire in any form. We got encouraged when a friend sent to us confirming what God put in our hearts to employ the elements of creation to join as it was in the days of Deborah. We pray for His Wind.My Wife & myself together with our daughters are praying prophetically for God's Mighty intervention. We are praying for God's sovereign Hand over Egypt specially today. We are praying for signs & wonders.Under His Shadow,Hiding & abiding in Him,Ayman & Hala

  2. Iman Sobhy says:

    I’ve been reminded of the prophetic dream that Mike Bickle shared on Feb. 13, 2009 I was reading through it & weeping, I'm in Cairo Egypt nowadays… Though the events in Egypt nowadays is not as intense as the events spoken off in Rev 12:7-12.. it is still intense for us & our nation.. the suddenly aspect of events, the hype in rage & conspiracy plots, events escalating speedily, the confusion that is causing Egypt to go astray in all its works Isa 19:14 unbelievable. I’m confronted more & more of how unprepared I’m (in understanding, Revelation, Faith & lack power) & how unprepared still is the church in Egypt nation-wise in this season.. we even easily stumble in “who Jesus Really Is”.. many opinions & arguments and so little power & insight.I know it is His Mercy to teach us through this to prepare us for what is to come & specifically on our Nation… I’m seeing much of Isa 19:2-15 but in a smaller scale & scope taking place these days un-believable, So many things makes more sense now.We surly need Mercy, my cry these days is a cry for Mercy, that the Lord will show us Mercy, that HE Magnifies His Mercy in the midst of this Nation.. Save this nation according to your Mercy Oh Lord.

  3. Just for the sake of clarification, it should be pointed out that Rafik Guindi (who Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in Redding, Calif. says is the author of this piece) works for the Egyptian Ministry of Communication. Use discretion when reading this – just because it sounds like what you want to hear doesn't mean it's true.

  4. Jono Hall says:

    Reply to the Familiar Strange – Obviously everyone has there own opinions and viewpoint. However the report from Rafik has been backed up by many of the communications I have received from believers in the land, normal Egyptians with non governmental jobs. I have added my own opinion on the matter in a more recent post. Even BBC and CNN have noted that the protestors now are nearly entirely young male, muslims – this is not representative of the entire Egyptian populationIt is interesting to me that the Obama Administration has distanced itself from the advice of their own envoy, Wisner. Obama is a populist, this is no surprise, but I would reiterate my point that mobs in the street do not equate to a democratic process

  5. Mr. Hall – it is certainly true that not every Egyptian is in the streets protesting against Mubarak, but there is much in this letter that echoes the propaganda that the state media institutions were pumping out during the media blackout.As far as the protesters all being young males, this was certainly the case when the government thugs were out wreaking havoc on the protesters on thursday and friday night, but as soon as they were done the crowds became diverse again. I've been in communication with egyptians and americans in egypt, as well as following mainstream and alternate media channels in english and arabic. Mr. Guindi is not telling a story that simply does not fit with whats going on.

  6. Jono Hall says:

    Reply to Familiar Strange – The email was sent by friends in Israel from a "national-level prayer leader in Egypt whom we highly respect". I do not know Rafik personally – I am trying to ascertain how closely my friends know the source of the email. I do not believe as was intimated (or exaggerated) that a million people protested peacefully in support of Mubarak. I'm pretty sure that would have been picked up by the news media regardless of any agendas. I do think that many Christians do not trust the agenda of many who are protesting. I will try and change the post in line with the report that I get from my friends regarding their relationship with Rafik.

  7. Jono, thanks for the response. I, too, received this letter from friends in Israel (quite possibly from the same circle as you – it's a small country) and I did some followup inquiries, but none of the people who sent it my way knew Rafik directly or indirectly.Frankly, my suspicion is that parts of this letter are genuine (I believe his spiritual take on the situation to be sincere) but he may have been ordered to include government propaganda because of his international connections. I've contact him directly, but I haven't heard back and I don't really expect to unless the situation resolves in a dramatic fashion.Regardless our thoughts and prayers should be with the people of Egypt and the neighboring countries.

  8. jrodatus says:

    Familiar Strange, was this a typo: "Mr. Guindi is not telling a story that simply does not fit with whats going on." ?Your double-negative did not sound intended.

  9. @Jrodatus – Sorry, that was an unintentional double negative.Not to belabor the point, but this letter began making the rounds when there was confusion regarding the situation on the ground. Since then, the events described in this letter (Not the obviously sincere introduction and conclusion) have been revealed to be false – not just by the “mainstream media”, but by the abundance of images and personal reports coming directly from people on the ground in Cairo. Imagine if this letter had come from the USSR 25 years ago. If its content contradicted everything except for the information put out by the Soviets would we accept it at face value? It is quite likely that Rafik was being used by a government propagandist – remember what the communist regimes in Eastern Europe were like?

  10. Geoff says:

    Jono, the events of the last 48 hours in Egypt just go to show how gullible the average charismatic in America really is. Also reveals how out of touch the current "prophetic movement" is to reality… or even God's heart. This email you posted was also posted on Cindy Jacob's website on Feb 9. Referring to the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, the writer claims, "What is happening now has nothing to do with this original protest! What is happening right now is a conspiracy to topple Mubarak from outside the country!! THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT. THIS IS A BIG ORGANIZED COUP TO TRY TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THROUGH THE MEDIA THAT EGYPT WANTS MUBARAK TO GO, AND THE MEDIA IS PART OF THE DECEPTION".Well, that certainly has been proven to be completely untrue and the real deception is found in these words from the so called prophetic watchmen. Mubarak was a self-serving ruthless tyrant… clearly, the people of Egypt have spoken. BTW, I just went on Cindy's website again and saw that I can receive the "Prophetic Word for the Year" on DVD by making a donation of any size. This is outrageous! I now have to buy the word of the Lord from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders??? Hello… is this really what Jesus told you to do?

  11. Jono Hall says:

    Good to hear from you Geoff – My newest post deals with why I left this email on the blog I am unsure if Rafik was being used as a mouthpiece – for the most part I don't think so. I had many emails from Egyptians I know at the same time as I received this who echoed (in not so clear a fashion) the concern of a power vacuum after Mubarak. After this season of euphoria Egypt will still have to figure out these thorny issues

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Hall, Rafik is a very good family friend. I have been coming to IHOP every summer the past 5 years, and am involved with the House of Prayer here in Egypt. This email is very accurate concerning the fact that most of the protesters were muslim brotherhood fanatics with beards. Anyone who did not believe this, can look at what has been happening in Egypt since the revolution. Muslim Brotherhood have been taking over and fighting for power because of the power vacuum, they have controlled the results of the referendum on the constitution(whether by manipulation or fraud, I don't know)in order to suit their agendas to rule. Everyday I hear 'emams' (muslim prayer leaders) talking to muslims about how they want Egypt to go by the sharia and the Islamization of the country.But we trust the Lord with our future,He is the sustainer of all. 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Another elaboration: Most of the protesters were Muslim fanatics SPECIALLY on the last 10 days of the 18-day revolution. 🙂

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