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Why the Disciples didn’t tell Parables… or did they?

The main teaching methodology used  by Jesus to the masses was parables. Symbolic and analogous stories with deeper spiritual meaning. It is interesting when we get to the time of the Apostles that we do not find them using the … Continue reading

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Church History Bites – Why Palestine is Anti-Semitic

Transcript: The teacher in Ecclesiastes is correct that there is nothing new under the sun, how often do we look back into history so that we can learn Short Lessons from Church History is a podcast devoted to small bitesize … Continue reading

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Have we been sanctified or are we being sanctified?

There has been much confusion on the intertubes recently over the word sanctified. I have been told that I am now completely sanctified and completely perfect. Is this true? Well, in the New Testament the word sanctified means to separate … Continue reading

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Justification might not be the whole Good News – but it is the best news you will ever hear in this life.

Today is Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement – surely the most solemn day in the calendar of the Jewish people. It is also a day that we remember the perfect atonement that took place. Jesus/Yeshua died on a … Continue reading

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The Difference between Magic and Miracle

“The righteous shall live by faith” was initially a prophetic declaration by the prophet Habakkuk, this truth was then seized upon by the Apostle Paul as a cornerstone of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In two letters where the Apostle … Continue reading

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Cornelius’ Journey in the House of Prayer for All Nations

My name is Cornelius. I am a Centurion in the Italian Cohort. I have been stationed in a remote Roman province called Judaea. I was initially resistant to this posting, but in recent years have become very interested in the … Continue reading

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Were the Confusion of Languages at Babel a Curse or a Blessing in Disguise?

Some people jokingly ask the question what language will be spoken in heaven. Is it English, Chinese, Hebrew or Aramaic? Humanity speaks about 7000 living languages on the earth today and throughout history this number increases dramatically (I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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