We have become rather slack in our postings since getting home – sorry! Josiah just went down for his morning nap so I decided I should write a quick update. (this is Shari, by the way) Things have been going pretty while overall. It has been a little rougher since coming home, which was to be expected, but not too bad. Josiah continues to gain weight – if he keeps gaining as quickly as he has been we will need to cut back on the calories pretty soon.

I have been having a little trouble getting the consistency of the food right. Ben had an amazing assistant named Jessica who always took care of getting the food just right – I am appreciating her skills even more now. It makes a big difference in the fed if the food is too runny or too thick! With the food not quite right I was having to be a little more aggressive in my feeding techniques which was causing Josiah to throw up a little more. The feeds were also taking a longer time. After a call back to the clinic I have a better idea of what I am doing in preparing the food – so hopefully things will get better.

I really do miss having Jessica around. She made the whole feeding process go so much smoother. Now if Josiah is slumping in the chair while eating I have no one to lift him up for me. (it is hard for me to do because my hands are all covered in goo!) Also, if he throws up I now have to stop the feed to clean it up – which I am just hoping is not reinforcing the throwing up behavior!

I think it is going to take a few days to readjust and get all the feeds completely back on track. Overall though he is still getting plenty of calories by mouth. It is also so much easier and less stressful than the feeding tube!!

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  1. Haleys Mom says:

    Great Job! Hang in there. You are an awesome Mom and I so enjoyed meeting all 3 of you. Haley is doing one more week of intensive. We decided it was easier than struggling at home and going only once a day. Kirstin

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