So I told Jono yesterday, “If I am going to keep posting onto your blog we need to change the name!” For those of you who might not have noticed before – the name of this blog used to be – “Journey of an Englishman in Kansas City”.

In the world of Josiah – things keep progressing slowly in the area of feeding. I think I may have made a breakthrough discovery last night as to why I am not getting as large amounts of solids into him as before. So this morning I made a few changes in my feeding technique and the feed seemed to go a little better than it has been for a couple of days. It will probably take a few more feeds to get back on track though. Not much else to report in this area.

Josiah has really been crawling a lot now – and fast. He loves his new freedom to explore and I am finding out all of the things that I did not make “baby safe” before we left for CA! (he seems to find them all) For some reason the rims of all of my metal trash cans seem to make great teething toys! (disgusting) Why don’t they make teething toys that babies will actually use – he doesn’t seem to like anything that was designed for teething!

The biggest obstacle we are having with him developmentally now is tight tone in his ankles. He doesn’t like to bend them when pressure is put on them. I have had several different PTs point this out to me throughout his short life. This is making it hard for him to learn how to stand or walk. It doesn’t seem like it is going to be too big of an issue though – just something he may need a little therapy with (nothing we havent done before!). So he has his old OT (occupational therapist) coming to work with him on Friday and a new PT (physical therapist) coming to work with him on Tuesday! This kid has had more therapists in 1 year than most people ever see!

For those of you who enjoy reading blogs, you may want to check out another blog that has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is a blog from a Christian couple in NC who had been trying to have a baby for 2 years with no success. Their attempts were complicated by the fact that the wife, Tricia, has cystic fibrous which usually makes a woman infertile. (Despite this fact though, Tricia had been praying for a miracle pregnancy.) Her disease had been getting worse and she needed a double lung transplant, but the day that she was supposed to be admitted to the hospital she found out she was pregnant! Many doctors told her to abort the pregnancy, since it made her ineligible to receive the receive the transplant she so badly needed – but the couple didn’t. She got so sick during the pregnancy that the doctors had to deliver the baby at 25 weeks to save their lives. It has been 11 weeks now since the birth and just today Tricia received a double lung transplant! Gwyneth, their daughter is still in the NICU, but doing really well. It is a very interesting story and blog. Tricia is actually from south NJ where I grew up!

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