No, I’m not talking about the French Yacht off the coast of Somalia at the moment… I’m talking about this blog. A nice little blog which has been hijacked by feeding issues…. No I really don’t mind. I’m all for Shari writing the blog.. all for it. I know how it used to be only a few months ago – she would not get much rest the whole day which was basically feeding Josiah – so she used to visit all the feeding boards, blogs, web sites, looking for ways we could get Josiah to feed. Now if our experience can in some ways be instructive to other parents in a similar situation I love it.

We’ve been home a week now and Josiah is continuing to eat by mouth – there have been some ups and downs with the solid intake, I guess there is no magic bullet that you can just learn how to eat in one session – so Ben has rightly encouraged us to stick with the protocol and things will get better – and I think they have even in this week. He is drinking like a champ – but still doesn’t like to eat the solids that much – but I do notice a definite decrease in fussing. The best thing is he is getting it all by mouth and is gaining weight – three weeks ago he was 18 1/2 pounds – today he is 21 1/2 pounds – he has gained on average a pound of weight a week and he is crawling everywhere now.

Meanwhile getting back into the work saddle has been somewhat daunting this week, I’m trying to fight off a chest cold and also putting together the new plan for the 2008/9 Media Apprenticeship – we will have quite a number of Media Apprentices graduating soon and we need to recruit 30 more for June 1. I am also preparing all the Media Promotional Packet for TheCall DC – They gathered 400,000 8 years ago – we want a similar mobilisation this August. In addition I have to prepare to teach Church History for over 60 students 3 hours a day starting in 9 days – so I’d better get studying – I love this stuff. I went into teaching this a few years back thinking Church History was inspirational – I quickly learnt it is a very valuable subject, but more instructive than inspirational.

I’d better sign off and get on with the studying….

About Jono Hall

Disciple of Jesus, Husband and Father, Intercessory Missionary, Senior Leader at International House of Prayer and Teacher at IHOPU
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