Weight Gain and Feeding

Well – we just came back from the last feed of the day a while ago – I think the 5oz weight gain yesterday kind of tuckered the little guy out – he always falls asleep in his car seat – but he didn’t wake up when we got back to the hotel – so no going to bed drink tonight.

Regardless – Shari did all the feeding today (barring his morning snack – which I did) – and she really did a marvelous job – the amount of solids he is getting each feed is increasing – 1.3oz, then 1.7oz – then tonight a whopping 3.1oz. She has got the knack – it will be only a matter of time for Shari to increase a little more in speed and amount – despite this he got the biggest amount volume wise and calorie wise of any day in the clinic yet – and as a result we are headed home on Saturday – back to Kansas City. Tomorrow we will learn how to make the high calorie stuff that we are feeding him – there are several Moms that have been to the clinic that have modified Ben’s formulas – one made each meal taste like what adults eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – a more recent client of Ben made the high calorie food and drink SUPER high calorie – making the 1.5 cal milk to 2.5 cal – each day her little boy gets over 2000 cals – and he is quite chubby.

We actually didn’t come to the clinic for weight gain – on the growth charts for a 10.5 month old he is between 25% to 50% of kids – for a 13 month old – which is his actual birth age he is between 5%-10% – so I guess getting some weight gain is an added bonus to getting off the tube and having him getting all of his nutrition orally which was our primary goal in coming to Los Altos. I think if we had done the night feed tonight we could have got his calorie intake to be more than 1800 cals – but I am not that concerned – I would prefer the little fella got his sleep. As must I.

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